Thursday, 6 April 2017

North Metro, GA Washer Repair Review

We repair all brands washers in North Metro, GA such as Kenmore washers, Whirlpool washers, GE washers, Maytag washers, Amana washers and many more. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is no extra charge for the weekend or night North Metro, GA washer repair appointments. Our service call is Free with the repair and all the work is guaranteed for 1 year.

Washer Inside

An indication that this may be happening is a reduction in the flow of water or abnormal water temperature. For example, if you set the water-temperature control for warm water and get cold water, it indicates that the flow of hot water is being restricted.
To clean out filter screens, shut off the water and unscrew the brass ferrules. Carefully remove the washer in each ferrule and then the screen.

Clean the screen out in a commercial cleaning solvent, if possible. But if calcium deposits do not dissipate, replace the screen.
A common problem afflicting water systems is premature siphoning of water from the machine. This is caused most often by an improper relationship between the drain hose leading from the pump and the so-called standpipe (water drain pipe). In most installations, the standpipe should be positioned higher than the tub.

However, if the washer installation is correct and siphoning action continues, ask a dealer who sells your make of machine whether the manufacturer has issued an anti-siphon kit. With some washers, siphoning is a common problem that can be corrected by installing one of these kits.
Caution: The washer water-inlet valve is not immune to failure. It is possible for the valve to open up and let water flow into the washer although the machine is not in use. Because of this possibility, the faucets serving washing machines are usually outfitted with a shut-off valve(s). Whenever the washing machine is not being used, this valve(s) should be closed. Otherwise you may return from a day's outing to discover a laundry room flooded with water. IN ADDITION TO control devices and a water system, a washing ma-chine possesses a mechanical system. troubleshooting and repairing automatic clothes washers Procedures proceed from the most likely (or easiest to fix) cause of trouble to the least likely (or most difficult).

Cautions: The combination of water and electricity can be lethal. In doing troubleshooting and repairs, where necessary, be sure to pull the line-cord plug from the wall outlet doing the procedure then reconnect the line cord if you need
1. Shut off water valves when• you have to work on components that carry water, such as the water-inlet valve.
2. Before you replace an electrical part that you have diagnosed as being, faulty, see if a loose connection is causing the problem instead.
3. After you replace an electrical component, make sure that the terminals are tightened.
4. Before reconnecting electrical service to the washing machine, check to see that ground wires are connected and tightly secured.
5. Make sure that water connections are secure. If they aren't, water will leak.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Best Rated MIG Welders - Hobart Handler 140 Review

If you want to use gas welding to achieve a cleaner weld, then the Hobart 500500 Handler 140 115-Volt 25-to-140 Amp Gas/Metal/Arc Single-Phase Wire Welding Package is just what you need.It comes complete with a built in gas valve, regulator, and gas hose so it can accommodate 75/25 Argon-CO2, 100% CO2, Tri-Mix, and more.Included Flux Core Wire Gets You Started Right Out Of The Box And It Works On Standard Household Current.With the included flux core wire, you'll be able to make welds without using a gas cylinder at all. That's the beauty of flux core wire! It doesn't require any additional gas source to allow for successful welding.

The Hobart 500500 Handler 140 Wire Welding Package comes complete with a sample spool of .03 inch self shielding flux core wire. Of course, you'll have to buy additional wire for it if you're going to be doing welding a lot, but that's just an expense you have to endure as a welder. Also, this welder works on standard household current. No need for a separate adapter.
Table of Contents
Great For Welding That's Within This Welders Capability RangeHobart Handler 140 Features:Hobart Handler 140 Pros:Helpful Tips:Hobart Handler 140 Cons:Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Feed Welder 115 Volt, 140 Amp VideoMy Lenses
Great For Welding That's Within This Welders Capability Range
Hobart 500500 Handler 140The Hobart Handler 140 is a great welder! Almost everyone who has purchased this welder has been happy with it, but it does have its limitations. For example, welding beads continuously for any more than 10 minutes at a time can have bad results.

It's really not meant for intense bead work like this. Instead, it's a great overall welder for large projects, but for super huge industrial applications, obviously you're going to need a much larger and more capable welder.

However, for the price and the welding ability it provides, for most people it's a really good deal. You can do all the automotive work you need to with it, fix farm equipment, do construction work, do maintenance and make repairs to nearly anything, and much more. The possibilities are nearly endless, so it's all about what you want to set out to accomplish. But like we say, for large-scale industrial applications, you'll definitely be needing a beefier welder.

Everyone Seems To Love The Hobart Handler 140

If you check out the feedback this item has received on Amazon, you'll see that it scored a full 5 stars across nearly 50 reviews. And people are genuinely happy with the product from what they're saying in the review section.

Check it out for yourself and you'll see that the Hobart Handler 140 is one of the highest quality welders and one of the best deals for your money. It generally competes with the Lincoln 140 HD in terms of product price/usefulness/durability, and competes very well in this respect.

Hobart Handler 140 Pros:

  • Performs well even when put through lots of abuse
  • Improved duty cycle over other models of welders
  • Flux core wire allows you to weld without any gas tank - Great for beginners
  • Will weld 3/16" of steel in one pass if you go slow and have a proper technique - Will also weld 1/2" steel if you put some time into it
  • Comes with Miller tips, but you can also uses Lincoln tips on it too - They fit perfectly
  • Has 5-10 amps more power than competing welders in the same category
  • For beginner welders, this is the machine to buy - You'll be making picture perfect welds within hours of getting it out of the box!
  • Projects like completing a total exhaust system on a car or repairing lawn mower decks are no problem for this welder
  • There are a lot of portable welders out there that are "junk" - This Hobart is top of the line quality and works well!
  • Hobart is known for making some of the very best MIG welders on the market
  • The ability to use gas with this machine expands the number of projects you can get done with it
  • You can offset the price of the gas you use with this welder by completing a lot of projects that save you money
  • You can make a wide assortment of welds with this machine with no spattering! Makes a great change from stick welders
  • It helps a lot of if you install a 20 amp breaker instead of a 15 amp one - You won't trip the breaker then
Helpful Tips:

  • Using a .045 tip for welding aluminum instead of the recommended .035 tip will help you to eliminate birds nests
  • Using gas to make the weld makes a better final result than using flux core alone
  • Buying a cart to go along with this purchase makes it easier to haul around the gas cylinders
  • Hobart Handler 140 Cons:
  • Not huge in welding capacity - For really huge jobs you'll be needing the help of a more capable welder
  • Cooling fan runs all the time with this welder - If you live in hot, dry, dusty conditions it can build up dirt on the inside